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Customer Testimonials

“Thanks to all of you for helping us with this move. It meant a lot to have people who took great care with our possessions--and with such happy and congenial attitudes!” NF

“Thank you and your “crew” for an amazing job packing. I have never enjoyed the packing up process, but with you it was a delight. I actually had fun and learned many things. Thank you all for sending me off in such a gentle, caring way. What a wonderful experience. You made what could have been a sad time happy.” GK

“What a beautiful, efficient, lovely, friendly job you have done! Thank you so much.” JS

“Thanks for everything. You and your crews are most impressive—as I tell anyone who will listen!” MS

“What a truly wonderful and long overdue service! With two small children to tend to you made unpacking easy and pleasurable. Keep up the good work and let me know if you ever take your company “public”.” JL

“There are very few businesses around these days that offer excellent customer service on a consistent basis based on word of mouth referrals. Moving Details is just such a business. You understand that providing peace of mind for your clients during their move has to be the first priority. From seeing to it that the packing materials show up just at the right time, that the packing itself is done efficiently and safely, that you treat the home owners and their belongings with the utmost respect while in their home, to the clean up after packing is completed, Moving Details offers a service that is unparalleled.” JG

“The best money I ever spent! Thanks.” MH “Thanks! I appreciate your services and advice.” GB “Thank you for doing a wonderful job. The move went very well.” GM

“Thanks so very much for all your help. Wish you the best always.” PL

“We appreciate your help in moving. It was pleasant to have you help us.” HM

“Thanks for a job well done!” DO “Thank you very much for your help with our move.” BW

“Thanks for all your good help.” JM “I’m now enjoying home again. Thank you.” GT

“We want to thank you for everything you did to help us move. There is no way we could have accomplished this on our own…Thanks again for all your magic.” VL .

Enjoy a successful move!