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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a packing service? Anyone can pack.

It may sound like a simple task, but if you have ever relocated, you know the time and hassle that can be involved in moving. A packing service is more than a convenience for those with busy schedules; it provides extra layers of protection for your important household goods during transportation and/or storage. Professional packers know how to sort, wrap and box your artwork, fine china and other fragile items to provide maximum protection during a move.

Why should I choose Moving Details, Inc.?

Moving Details, Inc. is committed to doing the best job possible. We treat your belongings as if they were our own. We provide all the materials needed to box your household goods safely. We carefully label and group the boxes to make unpacking easier. In addition, we are always on the lookout for new techniques and materials to help ensure our customers have a break-free move. Additionally, in more than eight years of serving the greater Charlotte-area, the Better Business Bureau has not received a complaint about our service. That is a record of which we are proud.

Is there a job too small for you?

No. You determine the scope of our work. We’ll pack a single room or an entire household. For residents with a tight budget, Moving Details, Inc. can pack just the valuable or fragile items you designate, such your grandmother’s heirloom china, while you take care of clothes, toys, photograph albums and other items.

How far in advance should I hire a packing service?

We try to pack as closely as possible to your moving day so that you’re not tripping over boxes or hunting for silverware during your last few weeks at home. To lock in the best date for your schedule, you should contact Moving Details, Inc. once you have an approximate moving date.

How many people will come to my house?

Crews are two to five people, depending on the size of the job. Very small jobs will have one person unless two are needed for lifting and packing large mirrors or pictures.

Do you offer other services?

Yes. Moving Details, Inc. also offers unpacking and organizing services. When unpacking, our expert handlers can accomplish in days what it would take weeks for the average person with a busy schedule to do. In addition to simply unpacking the boxes, we can place the items for you, and most importantly, we will bag the moving paper and flatten the boxes for curbside pickup.

One of our most popular services, and one that greatly reduces the household disruption associated with moving, is setting up the new kitchen on moving day.

Because there is no better time to get organized than after a move, our expert handlers can help you do that, too. From clothing in the closets to dishes in the kitchen cabinets, use our expertise to assist you in setting up your new home.

Is there anything you do not pack?

Yes. Because we treat your goods as if they were our own, we realize that some items are simply too large or too heavy to be safely boxed. For instance, large glass tabletops, mirrors or chandeliers might need to be crated for maximum protection. Similarly, specialists might be best to handle rare or museum-quality items. If there is an item that we cannot pack, we will make recommendations of experts to assist you.

Are you bonded and insured?

Yes. We received an honesty bond in 1995 and carry general business liability coverage.

What happens if something breaks?

We take pride in treating your valuables with loving care and have an excellent record in terms of damages to prove it. However, despite the best care possible, sometimes things do break. If we break an item* while packing, unpacking, or placing it, Moving Details, Inc. pays up to $1,500 per instance to repair or replace it.

*Items that have been previously broken and/or repaired are excluded from this offer.

What if we are unpacking and something in a box is broken?

Unfortunately, Moving Details, Inc. can only be responsible for damages that occur while items are in our care. Before the move, contact the mover and your insurance agent to arrange coverage for your possessions during transit.

What is your estimating process?

During the free* consultation, we review the items you would like us to pack and determine the number and types of boxes needed for the move. We then estimate the number of hours needed to safely and effectively accomplish the job. The materials plus the hourly labor fee yields the total estimate. Travel time is charged for customers who live more than 25 miles from downtown Charlotte.

Unpacking and organizing services are estimated separately. Unpacking takes approximately one-half the time of packing.  Click here to complete a request online for a Free Estimate

* Residents outside of Charlotte pay a small fee to cover travel time and cost.

Is your estimate firm?

Yes. However, if the scope of the job increases during work, i.e. you realize that you just do not have the time to pack the bedrooms and closets as planned, the final bill will reflect the additional time and materials.

How do I arrange a free estimate?

For more information or to schedule a free estimate call us at 704-643-2221 or email